Mentor Dinner

Celebrating our 15-Year Anniversary
with Joachim Splichal and Wolfgang Puck
Chef Josiah’s Two Biggest Mentors in Los Angeles


Monday, September 15, 2014
Courses $185


First Course
“Chawanmushi” Black Truffle Coulis
Aerated Soy Milk, Corn, Junsai in Kelp Dashi
Chef Wolfgang

Second Course
Santa Barbara Spot Prawn
Carrot Mousse, English Celery and Carrot Lemon Jus
Chef Joachim

Third Course
Smoked Lima Bean AgnolottiChanterelle Mushrooms and Rich Mushroom Broth
Add White Truffles-Supplement $85
Chefs Josiah and Ken

Fourth Course
Covina Wild Black Bass
Duo of Artichokes, Stuffed Campari Tomato and Red Wine Sauce
Chef Joachim

Fifth Course
Aged Liberty Duck
Eggplant, Violette de Bordeaux Figs and Ginger
Chef Josiah and Ken

Sixth Course
Snake River Farm’s “Wagyu” New York Steak
Beef Tongues, Soy Cured Organic Egg Yolk, Matsutake, Yuzu KoshoChef Wolfgang

Seventh Course
Chef Ken’s Dessert Surprise


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